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St. John de LaSalle Roman Catholic Parish

Niagara Falls, New York



St. John de LaSalle

TOTAL COLLECTED TO DATE:     $28,367.00 (78% of our goal of 36,280)

NUMBER OF DONORS:               118

OUR PARISH GOAL:                   $36,280.00


We understand money may be a little tight during the COVID-19 Pandemic. To help alleviate the pressure, you can send a pledge only, with no cash or check needed. Just fill in on your card that you want to make your payments later in the year. You can spread your pledge out in equal installments on any or all of the following dates; June 10th, August 10th, October 10th and December 10th. Thank you and God Bless You!!!

Dear Parishioners!

Due to the Coronavirus, Bishop Scharfenberger has announced there will be no regularly scheduled public Masses in the Diocese of Buffalo until further notice. If you have a scheduled Mass for a special intention, I will celebrate it privately or you may call the Office (2832238 Ext. 302) to reschedule. During this period the Church will be open during the day and Thursday, 8-midnight Eucharistic Adoration. Please follow the Masses on TV or Internet. Also if you have someone in need of Sacrament of the Sick or Sacrament of Reconciliation  or if you have a funeral to schedule please call the office 283-2238 Ext. 308 or (716)579-4949.

Please follow St. John  de LaSalle on Facebook or Web.Page for updates.

We, the Roman Catholic community of St. John de LaSalle Parish, affirm the innate dignity and unique value of each person in our midst.  As a parish family we endeavor to work, learn and pray together as often as possible.  Our Faith Formation is an excellent Program that includes classes for all ages, from school children to the elderly.

We strive to help all those in need, in any way we can.  It is important to us that we use our God given gifts and talents to make a difference in our community.   We welcome all persons to our parish and look forward to becoming richer in our faith because of the special gifts each member of our parish shares.    We are blessed with a congregation of strong leaders, always willing to take charge of new ideas and programs.  

Our church site includes several buildings and a large parking area providing ample space for a multitude of activities, meetings, special events and parish celebrations.  Our St. Charles Borromeo Parish Center is in constant use by many organizations within the city, including our Community Care Food Pantry.  The Parish Offices are in the school building, which also houses the LaSalle Early Childhood Center, and is home to our Faith Formation program, prayer groups and Bible Study.

If you are vacationing in the area, we are only ten minutes from the mighty Niagara Falls.  We would love for you to stop by to visit and are happy to show you our beautiful Church and campus facilities. 


Saturday Vigil...................................................4:30 p.m.
Sunday Mass..................................8:45 a.m.and 11:15 a.m.
Weekdays............................7:15 a.m. (Monday thru Friday)

Tuesday...................7:00 p.m. followed by the St. Jude Novena
Anointing of the Sick first Tuesday of each month
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION............Thursday 7:45 a.m. to midnight
CONFESSIONS..........................Saturday 3:30p.m. to 4:15 p.m.  

Why should we schedule a Mass Intention?

“The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful” (Jas5, 16)

The Holy Mass can be offered for the deceased and for the living. Our intention can have a character: petitions; thanksgiving; it can bind with a jubilee or anniversary.

Some examples include:
In thanksgiving for receiving a grace
Giving thanks or imploring for good health and God’s blessing
For a wedding anniversary, continued blessings & health Thanksgiving for curing a serious sickness
For conversion and change of life
For health and peace in the family
For repentance and a good confession
For help in studying, for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to pass an examination
For the healthy delivery of a child
For help and blessing from the Mother of Perpetual Help to solve a difficulty.
To choose a good journey of life (a right path of life)
For deceased friends or members from your family

Why do we inform you about all of this?  Is it worthy to offer for someone the intention of Holy Mass?

Prayer is the most universal gift we can give each other as Christians. Even in today’s world in which many count what is materialistic, but don’t appreciate spiritual prayer, many deep believers have experienced the unusual power of prayer. The Holy Mass is a special kind of prayer. At no other time is God so plainly tangible. By this closeness, by purity of heart and by God’s grace we can show our needs to our friends. Our Lord will know by himself the needs of our friend for whom the Holy Mass is celebrated. There exist many testimonials of the miraculous power of the Eucharist. We should take advantage of this gift which we received from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let the words of Saint Paul bring us not only to reflection, but also to realistic and concrete action: “First of all, then, I ask that supplications, prayers, petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone, for kings and for all in authority, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all devotion and dignity. This is good and pleasing to God our savior, who wills everyone to be saved and to come to knowledge of the truth.” 1Tm2, 1-4

Our Mass Intention Book is open. Feel free to call or stop by the Pastoral Care Office to schedule a Mass Intention or if you have questions.       





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