Liturgy of the Word for Children

11:15 Mass Sundays

God's Word feeds us all but for the youngest members of our parish the experience is made more special by the use of the Children's Lectionary. The liturgy leader gathers the children of the parish from grades K-5 for their own Liturgy of the Word in the basement of the church. We listen to God's Word, reflect, pray the Creed and offer petitions to our Lord.

 Liturgy of the Word for Children is held every Sunday at the 11:15 Mass.

We have plenty of room to socially distance in the Children's Liturgy space.
Come to 11:15 Mass and hear God's Word!

 Please come visit the lending library for children!!

It is located in the back of the church and families may sign out any books their children may be interested in reading. Please return books when you are finished and cross your name out of the sign out book. Books are a wonderful way to share the faith.





Mass attendance as a family ritual is important to establish early in children's lives.

Yes, children can be antsy. Yes, children can be loud. But they can't learn about Mass or how to behave at Mass if they aren't at Mass. Bring them weekly from birth, I promise it does get better.

Children should  well fed, toileted, and wearing comfortable clothes  for success at Mass. Quiet soft toys for toddlers (books, stuffies, etc) will give them a focus without distracting neightbors and you should let your child know that  worship time is important to you through your words and actions.

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